Allan Withington

Allan grew up amongst the brass band community in the North of England. He was taught to play the cornet by his father and eventually played principal cornet with both the Wingates band and Fodens band. After studying trumpet, under Howard Snell, at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester he embarked upon a freelance career playing with many of Great Britain’s leading orchestras.

He now lives in Norway and is a member of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition Allan has played a major role in the Norwegian band scene, conducting Krohnengen brass band, Tertnes brass, Eikanger Bjørsvik musikklag and Manger musikklag.

It’s such a fascinating conversation that I’ve put 2 clips up completely free below, so that you can get a flavour of things, and then do join us on Frank Renton on Brass for the whole programme as well as many hours of other inspiring brass content.

(Photo: © Brass Band World)