FRANKLY SPEAKING ABOUT Hannes Buchegger and Brass Brand OberOesterreich

Ten years ago anyone in the Bruckner Hall in Linz had a brass band night to remember.

I can think of few experiences that gave me more sense of joy than watching Hannes Buchegger at work with Brass Brand OberOesterreich.

Here was a group of musicians from a country in Central Europe with no sense of brass band heritage, playing the repertoire as though they were born to it.

Of course it helped having the legendary Hans Gansch as solo cornet, but what really impressed me was the whole hearted way that the band went about their music making and that came from Maestro Buchegger.

The Gala Concert at the European Championships in Linz in 2010, devised and conducted by Hannes, will live long in my memory.

Such a strong memory in fact, that I had to feature them in this edition of Frankly Speaking.

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