FRANKLY SPEAKING ABOUT the news of kneller hall

Here on Frank Renton on Brass, Frank regularly shares his thoughts in an opinion podcast called, Frankly Speaking. We’ve just launched a new one, and Frank says,

"I was sad when I heard the news that Kneller Hall, the home of military music for over a hundred and fifty years was to be closed.

As a former director of Kneller Hall and head of the Army’s music making, both it and the wonderful people I worked alongside and whose talents I helped develop there, will always hold a special place in my life. 

In this personal tribute I’ll be celebrating the wonderful music making it produced, the effect it had on us all, plus recounting the slightly unbelievable story of why, in 1857, it was set up it the first place. 

Join me and some great memories in my new edition of our podcast, Frankly Speaking, on Frank Renton on Brass.

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