FRANKLY SPEAKING ABOUT the joy of discovering big bands

"This edition of Frankly Speaking stems directly from my listening to the live stream from Ronnie Scott’s Club in London of the Craig Wild Big Band, paying tribute to Maynard Ferguson and Alan Downey.

It was a brilliant production with great music and great playing by a band of star players brought together by Craig Wild, and although I am not in the same league as any of those players it made me think of both the amount of sheer enjoyment I have had out of playing in a big band, and the wonderful evenings I’ve spent at Ronnie Scott’s listening to some of the great big bands in recent years.

Having looked up the biography of the bandleader and trumpet soloist Craig Wild, I discovered that he had started playing the cornet as a pupil at what was in those days Wardle High School, and of course playing in a brass band there.

It made me think how important music education can be to the wellbeing of young people, and how astute and far seeing the headmaster of Wardle High was, in insisting that all the pupils at his school should have the opportunity to play a brass instrument and have a band to play in.

Join me as I share my thoughts in a new episode of Frankly Speaking."

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