As Frank says,

"In this edition of Frankly Speaking on Frank Renton on Brass, I’m considering the sound of brass, a brass band, and how it should adapt to the many different styles of music it plays.

I’ll never forget a distinguished conductor's comment after completely missing the point in an arrangement of a classical piece, “Well Mozart would have loved that” and to save me the embarrassment of saying anything I might regret a voice from behind me said, “He would have been turning in his grave”.

In all my conducting whether of a brass band, military band or orchestra I’ve always wanted to hear the middle harmonies, the middle sound, to give the ensemble what I hope will be its character. I’ve included some telling musical illustration in this episode as well to help me convey something which has been at the forefront of my musical life for many a year.

I hope you’ll enjoy this edition of Frankly Speaking."

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