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Hello and welcome to Frank Renton on Brass.

I have been involved with brass bands one way or another since I was twelve years old, a not inconsiderable length of time! As a teenage player in bands I found the whole thing so exciting, the music, the creativity, the people each of whom has a story to tell, but most of all the sound.

Over the years in the pursuit of earning a living I have worked all over the world first playing, then conducting professional wind bands and orchestras, but whenever I was in the United Kingdom I found myself drawn back to the brass band. The sound of the brass band is both unique, and emotionally drawing.

That’s what Frank Renton on Brass is all about, the vitality and drive of the music making, and at the same time the emotional draw that it creates for the listener.

In our weekly 45-minute music podcast we will showcase the best performances by bands and brass ensembles from all over the world, twice a month we'll be presenting a programme called 'Beyond the Barlines', where I’ll be talking to famous names from the world of brass, players, conductors, composers, finding out what it all means to them and finally in regular episodes of Frankly Speaking I’ll be talking about people and events that have moved, amused or simply amazed me.

Come and join me on Frank Renton on Brass - a new way to hear the best of brass sounds, old and new, from all over the world.

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Frank Renton