"Hello I’m Frank Renton with news of my first music podcast of 2021.

I’ve taken as my starting point the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s famous New Year’s Day concert. Sadly, I can’t promise you front row seats in Vienna’s glorious Musikverein as no one but the orchestra was allowed in this year, but I can promise music by great Viennese bands and ensembles such as Mnozil brass and the legendary Brass Band Obersoterreich.

There’s music by composers who lived and worked in Vienna such as Mozart and Haydn whose cello concerto was recently reimagined for tenor horn by Owen Farr.

The European Championships were held in Linz, Austria in 2010 and I’ve got the cracking winning performance from the B section by The Austrian Brass Band.

Plus of course some tried and tested Viennese favourites, so join me for a slice of Viennese cake and coffee, on our latest music podcast."

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