"Hello I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

Obviously we play a lot of brass band music as well as great international brass soloists and brass groups on Frank Renton on Brass, but that’s not all we do.

This podcast for instance puts brass players alongside the wind section with some terrific results. This includes the London Symphonic Wind Orchestra, comprising some of the best players in the country playing equally brilliant music by Nigel Hess.

Also featured is trumpet star Rod Franks with the Coldstream Guards Band playing a jazz classic, Thelonius Monk’s ‘Round Midnight’ and if you thought all military band marching CD’s were all ‘by the left, quick march’, well then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

I even get to conduct the Kneller Hall All Stars and there’s quite a story to tell about that, including a transatlantic dash. I could have got used to that!

Anyway there’s all that and a whole lot more fabulous music for brass with winds, on our latest music podcast - different for sure, but excitingly different!"

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