"Hello I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

In our latest podcast I’ve got music that couldn’t be more American if it tried, but it took a British arranger to see just how exciting it could be for a brass band, and an American band to play it with such panache and style.

I’ve got some great soloists, including trumpeter Philip Smith who was Principal with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra when he toured with the Rigid Containers Band back in the late 1990’s. I introduced some of their concerts and got to know him really well. What a player!

There’s the brilliance of German Brass, a country dance quite like no other, played by a band like no other, and one of my all time favourites, the President’s Own United States Marine Band.

In conclusion what many consider to be the finest work of one of our most popular and respected composers, The Kingdom Triumphant by Eric Ball. That’s quite a line up. All in this week’s Music Podcast."

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