"Hello I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

If you want to hear that rare thing, a young British multi-award winning brass quartet, and why wouldn’t you, you’ll need to listen to our latest Music Podcast as I feature the A4 Brass Quartet from their recent CD, Mists of the Mountain.

Talking of brilliant young players, Philip Cobb is quoted as being inspired by the album ‘Carnaval’ by the incomparable Wynton Marsalis, so from it we’ll hear The Debutante, that great cornet solo by Herbert Clarke written back in the last century but brought up to date by Donald Hunsberger Herbert and his Eastman Wind Ensemble.

I suspect not many of us have heard of the atmospherically titled Smoky Mountain British Brass Band from Asheville, North Carolina, a band room with a view perhaps? Well I hadn’t until I discovered A Swanee Humoresque, which they commissioned from the ever inventive pen of Howard Snell. Plus there’s a salute to that great friend of the brass band, jazz legend Don Lusher.

All that and more, including Desford, Eikhanger and Le Brass Band Nord-Pas de Calais with me Frank Renton on our latest Music Podcast."

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