"Hello I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

I’ve got two international soloists doing what they do best, one all jazz and fire and the other the epitome of elegant and controlled soloing, any guesses?

Well, that’ll be Ian Bousfield and the wizard of Oz, James Morrison. I’ve also got early original music for the brass band by one of the UK’s most celebrated composers Edward Gregson that’s full of energy and musical features that we’ve come to associate with his vital music.

There’s Brass Bands Willebroek, Berner Oberland and one of the bands supported over the years by the Co-Op, this time in Ipswich and Norwich, followed by one of the most famous of their collaboration and a personal favourite of mine, The CWS Manchester Band.

All that and more great brass sounds on this week’s Music Podcast."

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