"Hello I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

This week’s podcast has been compiled very much with Easter in mind, and the music is written and performed by artists who have translated parts of the Easter Story into unforgettable music.

I can’t promise you chocolate eggs, but you will get original brass music, music from the stage, from the concert hall, the opera house and some gospel.

I can vividly remember hearing the songs from the musical Godspell by Stephen Schwartz for the first time, although it’s fifty years since it first hit the Broadway stage, along with its contemporary Jesus Christ Superstar. I was Bandmaster of the Gordon Highlanders at the time and no concert was complete without a selection of music from one or the other of the musicals, so naturally we’ve got music from both, plus I’ve got a reminder of probably the most popular piece of music associated with Easter, Handel’s Messiah. 

There’s a beautiful ballad played by Philip Cobb and I’m not sure when the rabbit crept into the Easter Story, but they abound at the moment, even if like Elmer Fudd you’re hunting them.

You’ll find all this and more, including a truly spectacular finale, in this special music podcast, ‘With Easter in Mind’."

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