"Hello, I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast.

In this week’s programme we’ve a terrific mix of music, including some unusual tracks, and some really fine playing.

Over the last few podcasts we’ve compiled imaginary concerts from three of the finest bands in the UK, so to reset the scales as it were, in this podcast I’m featuring bands from anywhere but this country.

There’s music from European bands from Gothenburg, Luzern, Austria and Norway, plus star European soloists such as Glen Van Looy and my all-time favourite Hans Ganch and there’s some surprising news about his return to the brass band world too.

Music is an international language of course so we’ve got Thomas Doss, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Verhalst, Richard Wagner and Philip Sparke.

I think it’s a really rich and satisfying mix of new and familiar tunes as well as some surprises.

I hope you enjoy it - I certainly have!"

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