"Hello, I’m Frank Renton introducing this week's music podcast and we're off to the movies.

Film music isn’t just about the big theme we hum as we leave the cinema, there’s music used throughout to dramatic and often passionate effect.

At one time composers were even asked to write an overture for the opening credits and to allow late comers to take their seats.

So don’t miss this podcast which is full of music written for battle scenes, flying scenes and music that heightens the emotions.

Grimethorpe give us a rebellious hen house, and Steven Mead is featured in what has become THE Disney music.  It’s all arranged brilliantly and played by Foden’s, Black Dyke, Cory and The Band of the Coldstream Guards in their truly ground breaking Decca CD. 

Please take your seat as the lights are about to dim and the show is about to start."

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