"Hello again, I’m Frank Renton with news of my latest music podcast available now here at Frank Renton on Brass

One theme and a sub title for this week’s Music Podcast is simply ‘brilliance’. It’s a bold claim but you’ll find probably the greatest trumpet player, of his or any generation, Wynton Marsalis in full wizadary flow in the famous Carnival of Venice.

There’s the cornets of Cory centre stage in a dazzling piece by Philip Wilby, plus the front line of Fodens continuing the cornet theme with original music by Wilfred Heaton that reveals the whole band in sparkling form.

There are a couple of Rondo’s to keep things moving and then there’s the whole of Black Dyke revelling in Eric Ball’s masterly arrangement of Elgar.  So a not to be missed ‘brilliant’ music podcast, here on Frank Renton on Brass!"

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