Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week and it's free here on Frank Renton on Brass.

This week his choice is Mountain Dance from Montana Sketches, written and played by the American born Trumpet star Alan Vizzutti, with The J.W.E. Military Band. It was inspired by Alan's upbringing in Montana and it’s easy to hear the echoes of the wide open spaces high up in the north west of America.

Frank says,

“I can remember hearing Alan Vizzutti play for the first time at a master-class he was giving in London. I was utterly flabbergasted by his facility on the instrument, basically I had never heard anyone play the trumpet like that before. He has a fantastic technique, and it all sounds so easy, his range is phenomenal but he sounds the same at the top of his range as he does at the bottom, but most of all I just love the sound he makes from gentle quiet sounds to blazing fortissimos, all under complete control. That’s why Alan Vizzutti playing Mountain Dance is my track of the week.”

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