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"Our Track of the Week this week is a recording of music by one of my favourite contemporary composers Nigel Hess. Yes, it’s written for and played by a wind orchestra, but so is everything in this week’s music podcast. 

It was written for the British Youth Wind Orchestra, but in this recording is played by the London Symphonic Wind Orchestra, a bringing together of over sixty of the finest wind, brass and percussion players in the business.

Whilst Nigel was a student at Cambridge University he became Music Director of the famous Footlights Revue Company and has never looked back, having created masses of brilliant music for the theatre, film and television. He writes great tunes, has a brilliant sense of sound and orchestration and has never lost his sense of humour.

New York is the last of three East Coast Pictures, inspired by his time spent visiting that part of the world, and whilst it’s called New York he really means Manhattan, and anyone who has been there needs no further explanation. 

Our Track of the Week this week is New York from East Coast Pictures, by Nigel Hess.

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