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"The late, great Harry Mortimer had an uncanny understanding of what the public wanted to hear from a brass band.

His Men O’ Brass provided it, a great sound from the combined forces of Fodens, Fairey and the Morris Motors Band, and who doesn’t love the sound of a large brass band, sixty or more great players, with one purpose, can provide something which is quite overwhelming in purely emotional terms.

Harry also knew what the audience wanted to hear in terms of repertoire, there were no test pieces in his programmes, just good,  traditional, entertaining popular music well played.

The song The Lost Chord by Sir Arthur Sullivan fitted perfectly with Harry’s scheme of things. It was popular in its own right, bands of every stripe included it in their concerts and legions of budding soloists played it at the many slow melody contests, including the young Frank Renton!

My track of the week is, Harry Mortimer’s Men O’ Brass, playing the Lost Chord, and it's free here on Frank Renton on Brass.

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