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"Anyone who knows me, knows of my respect for the President’s Own United States Marine Corps Band, I just think that they are one of, if not the finest wind band in the business, and their recordings are tremendous, especially of American music, and Charles Ives is one of America’s most idiosyncratic composers.

He wrote this amazing piece of music just over a hundred years ago and the whole thing is a parody of what your average pretty awful country band might sound like.

Players come in early, play wrong notes, get the rhythm wrong and don’t finish when they should, in other words it’s chaos, but beautifully constructed and orchestrated chaos, with the pandemonium growing by the second right down to the beautifully organised but totally chaotic ending.

I think it’s a wonderful piece of music and I just love it, so The Country Band March by Charles Ives, is my Track of the Week here on Frank Renton on Brass."

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