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"The Four Minute Mile conjures up pictures of Roger Bannister collapsing across the finish tape in May 1954, having run a mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Fifty six days later the Australian John Landy clocked 3 minutes 58 seconds and the race was on. The record now stands at 3 minutes 43.13 seconds and has done so since July 1999.

Composer Judith Bingham wrote her piece titled Four Minute Mile in 1991, a dramatic musical image of the blue riband athletic event.

The instruction to sprint away with great vigour is evident right from the starting pistol and although there is a slight dropping off of pace towards the end of the second lap, once the bell signifies the start of the last lap, it’s a headlong drive to the finishing tape.

My track of the week for this week at Frank Renton on Brass is the Black Dyke Band, playing Judith Bingham’s Four Minute Mile, and if you want to know if they broke any records you’ll have to get your stopwatches out!"

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