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"For as long as I can remember there have been gripes from the hardened brass band aficionado about bands playing arrangements of music that didn’t suit them, and particular big band, and swing music, and I have to say not without some justification.

Bad arrangements that seemed to suck the very life out of the music, played by musicians who had no feel for its rhythmic nuances, and conducted by people with no experience of the big band world, who couldn’t make any sense of what they needed to do to make it all work, seemed to be what everyone expected. 

Then arrangers like Adrian Drover, Robin Dewhurst, Ray Farr and Reid Gilje who had all worked professionally in the big band and jazz world started to produce brilliant music for bands to play, and the whole thing took off.

The Stavanger Brass band from Norway have never been shy about pushing the boundaries of repertoire; choose great music, get a great arranger, then work out how to play the music properly and it should work, seemed to be their way of going about it.

So my Track of the Week at Frank Renton on Brass from our first anniversary Music Podcast, is a fabulous piece of writing by Gordon Goodwin, arranged brilliantly by Robin Dewhurst, organised by conductor Allan Withington and featuring trombone soloist Neil Gallie.

Stavanger Brass Band are Huntin’ Wabbitts and they’re my Track of the Week."

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