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"Few thinks excite me more than really great brass playing, when as the listener you know that everyone involved is completely in control of every technical aspect of the performance and is simply enjoying making music in the best possible way.

When there is the added level of all the performers being friends as well as colleagues and that they go to a great deal of trouble to create the time and space to make music together then you know that what you are going to hear is going to be a bit special.

So it is with Center City Brass, a quintet who first met and performed together over thirty years ago when they were students at the Curtis School of Music in Philadelphia and enjoyed it so much that even when they were dispersed to the four corners of America as they took positions with different orchestras, they agreed to meet once a year at least to make concert appearances and recordings.

There have been one or two personnel changes over the years but the core of the group is still present and I think that they are sensational. So my Track of the Week is Center City Brass Quintet plus one extra trumpeter, playing the Allegro from the Brass Sextet Opus 60 by Oscar Bohme, you wouldn’t want to miss it!"

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