Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week from our weekly Music Podcast, and it's completely free to listen too, here on Frank Renton on Brass. As he says, 

"The Austrian brass band culture is still in its infancy but right at the centre of its development thus far has been the conductor and teacher Hannes Buchegger.

Yes, he’s a brilliant organiser and driving force, but first and foremost he’s a performer, with a great on stage personality, a real understanding of what audiences enjoy and the ability and foresight to gather around him wonderful players and famous names who can bring his vision to fruition.

Names like Lito Fontana, the brilliant Argentinian trombonist, who set up home in Austria, and worked closely with Hannes on his various projects. Add to that the undoubted genius of the Argentinian composer Astor Piazolla and you have the recipe for great music making.

So my Track of the Week is Lito Fonata with the Froschl Hall Band, conducted by Hannes Buchegger, playing Oblivion by Astor Piazolla."

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