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"The Virtuosi Brass Band of Great Britain was a bringing together of some of the finest brass band players of the 1970’s under the best conductors of the day to make high quality recordings of standard band repertoire and some newly commissioned works.

The Principal Horn of the band was Gordon Higginbottom a player of quite phenomenal ability, whose sardonic wit and lugubrious expression alongside his playing talents and exposure with the James Shepherd Versatile Brass had made him a household name.

Eric Ball at the height of his powers as composer and conductor was asked to write a feature for Gordon to record with the band and the result was September Fantasy which Eric dedicated to Gordon, a matter of which he is still justly proud.

Rumour has it that the first time Gordon performed the work in its entirety with the band was on the recording session, and the performance was so flawless that not a single edit was called for or needed, and that’s the recording you are going to hear.

So my Track of the Week here on Frank Renton on Brass is Gordon Higginbottom with the Virtuosi Brass Band of Great Britain, conducted by Stanley Boddington, playing September Fantasy by Eric Ball. It was recorded nearly fifty years ago and is really  something special!"

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