Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week from our weekly Music Podcast, and it's completely free to listen too, here on Frank Renton on Brass. As he says this week, 

"Eric Crees is a musician of extraordinary breadth and achievement. He is a brilliant trombonist and spent 27 years with the London Symphony Orchestra before moving to the orchestra of the Royal Opera House in 2000.

He played for the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble whilst he was still a student and has led several brass ensembles in the capital with brilliance, especially the LSO Brass and more recently The Symphonic Brass of London which he founded in 2010.

He is an outstanding arranger and composer, especially for his own brass ensembles and he is a teacher of great experience. He has been adjudicator of all sorts of musical competitions, for conductors and composers and soloists and every once in a while brass bands, and whilst he is an outspoken judge, and not always a popular one, there is no doubting the honesty of what he says and the depth of experience and knowledge that back up his judgements.

Track of the week here at Frank Renton on Brass celebrates all of that, with a recording by The Symphonic Brass of London of The Strenuous Life Rag by Scott Joplin, arranged and conducted by Eric Crees. Don’t miss it."

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