Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week from our weekly Music Podcast, and it's completely free to listen too, here on Frank Renton on Brass. As he says this week, 

"Over the years I have known and worked with some great tenor horn players, going right back to the legendary Gordon Sutcliffe, principal horn of the Black Dyke Band when I joined in the 1950s and for long after that.

The great players on every instrument are never satisfied with the status quo, are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and asking composers to write music that is ever more testing, whether that is in a technical or musical sense.

One such is Owen Farr who was principal horn of the Cory Band for several years and enriched everything they played with his towering leadership of his section and his brilliant individual playing, especially when he was on his feet in front of the band as a star soloist.

Lots of good composers and arrangers wrote things especially for him, but he was also a clever arranger himself.

The 19th Century Italian composer and Violin virtuoso Antonio Bazzini wrote this piece, no doubt as a flashy encore for one of his celebrity concerts, and Owen Farr in turn arranged and adapted the music to suit his own particular talents and style, and it’s nothing short of sensational.

So my Track of the Week is Owen Farr with the Cory Band, conducted by Philip Harper, playing the Dance of the Goblins by Antonio Bazzini, for your listening pleasure!"

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