Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week from our weekly Music Podcast, and it's completely free to listen too, here on Frank Renton on Brass. As he says this week, 

"The 1990s were a great time at the Black Dyke Band. James Watson had honed his conducting skills with Desford where he’d been principal cornet, then Brighouse and Rastrick, and now he was at the most famous brass band in the world with the ability to bring all his experience as one of the finest professional trumpet players and teachers in the business to bear.

The results were at times breath-taking as he introduced the band to lots of new repertoire and performance styles, and we have most of it with us for ever through a series of ground breaking recordings.

One of the biggest projects they took on was in conjunction with the arranger Stephen Roberts, himself a virtuoso French horn player and conductor. He took on the task of arranging for brass band the whole of the The Planets' Suite by Gustav Holst, and James and Black Dyke brought it to fruition.

It is quite sensational, so Track of The Week is Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity from the The Planets' Suite by Gustav Holst arranged by Stephen Roberts and played by Black Dyke conducted by James Watson, and it is quite wonderful, and all here at Frank Renton on Brass."

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