Every week Frank selects his own favourite track of the week from our weekly Music Podcast, and it's completely free to listen too, here on Frank Renton on Brass. As he says this week, 

"At a time when the whole nation has been joined together in both grief at the loss of a great Queen, and celebration of a life of great dedication and service, much has been made of Her Majesty’s love of all things Scottish, especially the wonderful scenery around her home in Balmoral where she died.

So Track of the Week is music that celebrates that too, a concert overture by Hamish McCunn, inspired by the words of Sir Walter Scott in his poem, 'The Lay of the Last Minstrel'.

"O Caledonia stern and wild! Meet Nurse for a poetic Child

Land of brown heath and shaggy wood,  Land of the Mountain and the Flood."

It’s played by The CWS Glasgow Band as they were known at the time, conducted by Geoffrey Brand in an arrangement by Glynn Bragg, my Track of the Week here at Frank Renton on Brass."

We hope you’ll enjoy our free track of the week that's below - and then will join us to hear all our many programmes, interviews and music podcasts. It’s a lot less than a cup of coffee a week!